What is Anxiety?

Fear is a normal, protective response to danger, Sometimes our protective fear instincts can be triggered even when there is no real danger. Sometimes we don't really know why we are reacting this way. This is called 'anxiety'.

Does thinking of some past event cause you such distress, you just can't seem to recover?

Do you have recurring dreams or memories of an upsetting event? 

Do you avoid certain situations because they remind you of that event? 

Are you frequently worried, nervous or afraid?

Do certain situations, like crowds or speaking in public cause you distress?

Do certain things like heights or bridges make you panic?

Are your worries keeping you up at night or waking you up after you've fallen asleep?

We all feel anxious at times, but when that anxiety is persistent and interferes with our daily functioning, social life, work or's time to find help!

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